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What we do

Turnkey Interior Solutions:

Our customers choose SkyNext America for our quality of work and leading-edge products. From demountable glass walls to superior acoustical solutions to modular clean rooms, our turnkey solutions transform your office into the post-Covid workplace your business needs.

Demountable Architectural Walls

Demountable glass walls can be easily moved into different configurations with very little hassle, making them ideal for both current and future business needs. The design of these clear walls supports nearly seamless views.

Modular Clean Rooms

Modular cleanrooms include both soft-wall and hard-wall enclosures with a professional look and quality finish that can be used by various industries, such as pharmaceutical compounding, food processing, material handling, and more.

Superior Acoustical Solutions

Through sound-masking, your office becomes a more private, productive, and comfortable environment. Conversations become significantly less noticeable or intelligible, leading to fewer distractions and increased productivity.

Why Choose SkyNext America?

SkyNext America is a woman-owned business and a client-focused provider of interior solutions. With our turnkey solution, your project is taken care of from product sales to installation start to finish. Unmatched in customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to our clients and have carefully built a team with decades of skill and knowledge to provide the best experience for our customers.

  • American-made products
  • Turnkey solution from sales to installation
  • Professional, experienced team who knows the business of corporate interiors
  • Woman-owned and family-owned business