SkyNext America: “The Future in Corporate Interiors”


We are a woman-owned family business in Florida with a family working environment. A client-focused provider of interior solutions, we offer a complete turnkey solution for sound masking and other acoustical solutions, demountable architectural walls, and modular clean rooms. All of the products we offer are made in the United States and all of our quality work is warrantied.

We do it right the first time. We offer a turnkey solution for all of your projects. Our knowledgeable and experienced installers will complete every project to your satisfaction. The safety of our employees is very important (OSHA certified, CPR and first aid trained). 

Not only are we committed to offering state-of-the-art, high quality solutions to meet your business needs, we also focus on customer service and are unmatched in customer satisfaction. Our success is a result of our experienced team members and our dedication to our clients. At SkyNext America, we believe our employees are our best asset and have built a team of professionals with decades of experience in the industry who know the business. We create lifelong partnerships with both clients and employees. 

Mission Statement  

To lead the way in enhancing the future of corporate interiors.