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Demountable Architectural Walls

Demountable architectural walls offer a responsive, flexible office configuration to help businesses succeed. These movable office walls help make sure office infrastructure is able to keep up with growing workforces, meeting spaces for teams, shifting departments, and more. Demountable walls, such as demountable glass walls, can not only provide the flexibility businesses need in today’s work, but also save them money in the long run.

What are Demountable Walls?

Demountable walls are architectural products or movable partitions that businesses can use to separate indoor spaces. These types of movable walls are most often utilized in offices where open floor plans require more privacy and organization. Demountable architectural walls extend the full height of the office space and can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled with ease.

Demountable wall systems come in different types and an array of aesthetic looks. The demountable partitions can vary in material, function, length, and size. For example, demountable glass walls offer a look that still keeps the office space open, as well as allows natural light to flow in. Demountable walls can also be frosted to promote privacy in the office space and conference rooms, while other types allow for more of a marker board wall.

Benefits of Demountable Wall Systems

  • Flexibility. Adapt and change the office space as needed. Demountable walls are an ideal way to provide office layout flexibility. Movable office walls are perfect for quickly growing businesses or have additional staff on a seasonal basis.
  • Cost Savings. Quickly need a new office space for meetings? With demountable glass walls, business owners can restructure their space without the need for any drywall construction or electrical work. There’s no need to close the office for renovation, either.
  • Privacy. The modern open office layout creates a major problem of privacy. Offices can be large and loud settings that cause difficulties focusing on work or holding important conversations and meetings. Demountable glass walls provide an easy way to divide the space into meeting rooms and offices for privacy and fewer distractions. 
  • Workplace Zones. Demountable wall systems allow businesses to create zones within the workplace. These could be enclosed quiet zones, collaborative zones, or social zones that offer an optimal work environment. 
  • Sustainability. Demountable walls are made with low-emitting, recycled materials, eliminating harmful things, such as off-gassing, VOCs, and PVCs. These movable office walls are also 100% reusable and can be recycled. Installing and reconfiguring demountable architectural walls is also minimally disruptive to the workplace.
  • Quick Installation. Demountable walls are quick to install, offering businesses a simple and fast response to their office’s changing needs.

What Types of Businesses Could Use Demountable Walls?

Demountable architectural walls are perfect for any business looking for the flexibility to easily and quickly adapt office layouts to meet the changing needs of their business. In addition, demountable wall systems are beneficial for growing startups or businesses that regularly change how their employees work together.

Holoform Demountable Walls

The innovative Realm™ framed system and Aura™ frameless system have a slim, professional look with plenty of natural light and modern aesthetic appeal.

Aura Frameless Demountable Walls

The Aura demountable wall system features monolithic, clear-tempered glass to provide a minimalist look. In addition, seamless design features and low-profile channels offer nearly seamless views of the office space. 

Realm Framed Demountable Walls

Available as a single-glazed system or a double-glazed demountable wall system, the Realm demountable glass walls offer superior acoustic performance and a variety of door types, design-driven finishes, and more to reflect brand preferences and standards.

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Demountable Wall Systems FAQs 

What are demountable walls?

Demountable walls are architectural, floor to ceiling, non-load bearing inside walls that our team can install in place of drywall hard walls. These walls are easily installed and can be taken down, moved, and reinstalled in other locations with minimal changes and costs. Demountable walls can be metal, any fabric you chose, wood, marker board, or even glass. These walls have high acoustical value for sound and add a more professional appearance to any office space. 

What are movable walls called?

Movable walls are just another name for demountable walls. It is any wall system that can be installed, moved, and reinstalled, whereas hard walls are structural and considered part of the building. Demountable walls or movable walls are considered the same as office furniture. 

Do demountable walls systems have acoustic performance?

In spaces where confidentiality is a top priority, the double-glazed Realm System from Holoform delivers an ATI-certified transmission class (STC) rating of 45. All systems deliver superior sound masking value depending on the material of the wall you choose. 

Demountable walls IRS classification?

Demountable walls are classified as furniture by the IRS; therefore, they qualify for accelerated depreciation. You may even qualify for 1005 first-year tax depreciation under section 179C. 

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