The SkyNext Advantage


The SkyNext advantage is our employees. We have a professional and experienced team to lead you all the way from beginning to end. Our staff has many years of experience, from management to sales to installers. We have the know-how to make your vision a reality. Our sales and management team has been in the business for decades. Supervisors lead our installation team with extensive knowledge and experience. In addition, we have a high-quality training program for our installers to get the most production out of them with the highest quality. 

All of our supervisors are OSHA 30 certified, and all our installers are OSHA 10 certified. Our entire installation team is certified in CPR and first aid as well. We take the safety of our employees and yours very seriously. Our COVID 19 plan has kept us working through the hard times, with only a meager percentage of employees affected.

Our employees and their experience are what sets SkyNext apart from the competition. So why do our clients always come back to us? Because we do everything with the utmost honesty and integrity. We always hold to our word and work with you to get the corporate environment you need and stay under budget.

SkyNext America will lead your company into the future of corporate environments. We offer the highest quality cleanrooms to protect your products and your employees. We will help you make your corporate offices a clean and safe environment for your employees and their families. We have the products, the design, and installation professionals to carry your company through to the next century.

Our turnkey project management service is something not found at any other corporate environments dealer. We look out for our clients through the whole process and guide them along the way. For example, our clients noticed that the hardest part about putting a clean room in their offices or factory is coordinating with all the different trades needed to complete a cleanroom. For example, a standard cleanroom needs electricity, HVAC, plumbing, and our installers are working together to make it happen.

SkyNext America’s project management team can coordinate the project for you, or we can take the whole thing. First, we will work with your team to design the cleanroom you need. We will then get the engineers and work with them to turn your design into a viable, clean room. We will then hire and coordinate all trades needed to complete your cleanroom, from electricians to HVAC to plumbers and our own installation team. You pay one lump sum for your cleanroom, then stand back and let us do everything else for you. We offer these services for clean rooms, demountable architectural walls, and all of the products we sell and install.

Clients can take advantage of our turnkey project management even if they buy the products from other companies. We run the projects for you so that you won’t miss a beat in productivity.