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Acoustical Solutions

Superior Sound-Masking & Soft-Wall Solutions for Comfort and Privacy

From call centers to healthcare facilities, we provide professional-grade sound masking solutions for every space. 

Our acoustical solutions cover, block, and absorb conversations and other distracting sounds. Sound masking adds an unobtrusive background sound to the workplace to provide much-needed speech privacy in today’s world of open offices.

Why is Speech Privacy Important?

Insufficient speech privacy can negatively affect:

  • Health and comfort
    • Lack of speech privacy is the main cause of worker dissatisfaction in open offices.
  • Productivity
    • On average, workers are interrupted by speech every 11 minutes and waste 21.5 minutes every day due to conversational distractions.
  • Personal and company security
    • 53% of workers report having overheard confidential information at the office. A lack of speech privacy could lead to legal and compliance concerns.

What is Sound-Masking?

Sound-masking emits an inconspicuous sound, similar to airflow, specifically tuned to the same frequency as human speech to reduce its intelligibility. By adding a sound masking system to your workplace, conversations become much less noticeable and less intelligible. This technique provides more speech privacy and fewer distractions for workers, ultimately resulting in better productivity.

Benefits of Sound-Masking

  1. Reduce noise distractions
  2. Boost productivity
  3. Protect speech privacy
  4. Improve office acoustics

Innovative Sound-Masking Solutions

Our sound-masking solutions can meet virtually any acoustical challenge with the industry’s most advanced and diverse product portfolio.

Advantages of Our Acoustical Solutions

  • One of the most effective sound-masking solutions available
  • Experienced professionals complete low impact installation
  • Scalable solutions for spaces of any size
  • Contributes to LEED Certifications
  • Trusted by more than 40% of Fortune 100
  • Affordable alternative to expensive sound blocking materials
  • Network capabilities for easy system integration, customization, and control

Want to learn more?

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Acoustical Solutions FAQs

What is the purpose of sound-masking?

The purpose of sound-masking is to reduce noise distractions in office environments, to protect private conversations, and to create a more comfortable environment. Sound masking makes a building seem quieter by raising the ambient noise level of an environment and making speech noise less intelligible and therefore less distracting, in fact you don’t even notice them. 

What type of noise is used for masking?

Sound-masking adds ambient background sound that is inconspicuous and engineered to match the frequencies of human speech, unlike white noise systems that add noise to the environment (like radio static). 

Is sound-masking a good investment for my office?

Studies show productivity decreases by as much as 40% because of noise and distractions. Studies have also found that employees are interrupted once every 11 minutes, and it can take as much as 23 mixtures to get back on task. With noise distractions productivity plummets, mistakes often ensure, leading to potentially money lost. Less noise distractions and speech privacy are very important factors in having a comfortable and productive work environment. 

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